Firetech® – U-FORM® Presentation

Fireproof, Hurricane & Earthquake Resistant Building & Home Construction  

We’ve all seen pictures of the terrible devastation caused by the recent wild fires in California and the hurricanes in the Caribbean with lives, belongings and heirlooms lost, and thousands of homes and buildings destroyed beyond imagination.  Such destruction overwhelms the mind but it didn’t have to be that way if those buildings had been designed and built to withstand the onslaughts.  This presentation describes two low cost building systems that if used would have withstood the disasters and provided economical, super energy efficient structures that were fireproof, hurricane and earthquake resistant.

FIRETECH® – a proven construction system to build low cost affordable housing and other related structures up to three stories high; and…

U-FORM® – also a proven construction system to build low cost superior medium to high rise buildings.

FIRETECH® Buildings & U-FORM® Panels for Fireproof New Home Construction in California

FIRETECH® buildings are built with patented lightweight wire truss panels having a rigid, solid insulation core that are surfaced on both sides with Portland cement plaster creating an insulated fireproof structural system that can be used for load bearing elements (walls, roofs and floor systems) that provide an entire structurally sound, integrated building envelope to resist those calamities.  Interior non-load bearing walls can also be constructed similarly to complement the system.

FIRETECH® panels are created with patented machinery that can be mounted on mobile platforms, (i.e., trucks, trailers, ships and barges, etc.) that can be located and re-located to various needful sites wherever the panels are required whether in the USA mainland, or offshore on a Caribbean Island, or anywhere else in the world.

U-FORM® panels are much larger and heavier than FIRETECH panels and are not fabricated in the field.  They are manufactured in a qualified sheet metal shop or similar facility, and designed specifically to meet each building’s unique structural and aesthetic requirements.

U-FORM® panels are an insulated, pre-veneered (interior and exterior), permanent forming system into which a superior reinforced concrete structural system is created to satisfy the structural needs of the building designed.  U-FORM panels can also incorporate windows, electrical outlets, and more for maximum economy and efficiency.  Unlike other concrete forming systems that are only temporary and must be removed once the concrete has reached its design strength, U-FORM® panels remain in place to literally become permanent super energy efficient components of the building.



  • Oil Camp Housing, Indonesia, 500 homes, 2,500 sq. ft. Local Labor
  • Commercial Building, Anaheim, CA, 60 Ft Clear Span, Folded Plate Roof, 120’ x 60’ x 16’
  • Industrial, 35,000 sq. ft 60 ft Clear Span, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Oil Camp, 600 homes, 2,800 sq. ft., Jabail, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Royal Commission
  • Packaged Kit Homes, Oil Camp Housing, Tampico, Mexico, Pemex
  • Oil Camp Housing, Esso Libya, Brega
  • U.S. Compound Housing, Nigeria
  • Oil Camp Housing, El Tigre, Venezuela, Meneven
  • U.S HUD Section 8 Housing, South Pacific, Trust Territories, 50 units
  • California Dept. of Transportation, Sound Wall Approval, 16’, Top Project Award, 2000
  • Barge and Dock Construction
  • Certification for U.S. Bureau of Mines, Ventilation Bulkheads
  • Gold Mine Camp Housing, Papua New Guinea
  • U.S. Military Housing, Guam
  • Military Compounds, Egypt 60 ft. Clear Spans
  • Low Cost Housing, South Africa
  • Accommodation Barge, Offshore Oil Rig, 120’ x 60’, Survived a Typhoon
  • U.S. Federal Prison, Virginia
  • Hurricane Resistant Housing, Texas, Florida
  • Architectural Spandrel Panels, 8 story, 75,000 sq. ft.
  • Commercial and Industrial Projects
  • Swimming Pools, Thermal Storage Tanks, Grain Silos
  • Pre-Cast Panel projects
  • Shotcrete Panels, Mine Mesh Ventilation Bulkheads