U-Form’s® Erection Procedure

Central Towers Apartments, Detroit, Michigan
Twin 12-Story, 232 Unit HUD Apartment
Project No. 044-44375-LD.
Sachs Associates, Inc. Architects
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U-Form® 1
U-Form® 1

The U-FORMS are hoisted…
(Note: these 13′ wide x 8′-10″ U-FORMS contain exterior and interior veneers, insulation, spandrels, window frames, related caulking and electrical outlets.)







U-Form® 2
U-Form® 2

…and set in place over the reinforcing rods.








The concrete is poured…








…and the building grows quickly, all from the inside…
in record time







Completed Project
Two 12 story buildings
232 units
10 month construction time
50% of conventional energy savings

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