Humanitarian Projects in Third World Countries

Project Financing:

The Company may originate loans for qualified projects in third-world countries. Priority is given to Southeast Asia because the Company maintains offices in the Republic of the Philippines.

This includes the construction and development of manufacturing facilities overseas by U.S. owned companies. Priority is also given to minority or female owned (at least 51%) enterprises.

The Company itself has proprietary interests in the Malay Archipelago.

Third World Financing:

We can provide a turn-key operation for the financing of Third World projects. The following are the MINIMUM conditions for such project financing:

  • The applicant must be a domestic, U.S. based company or a JV company that includes foreign partners but with at least 51% US ownership.
  • The applicant must qualify for financing according to standard underwriting procedures.
  • The country must meet published U.S. Government country codes.*
  • The financing facility must be able to procure for the project a guaranty from an agency of the U.S. Government.

* see and then scroll down left side and click on Country Limitation Schedule

Third World project financing also requires:

  • Political Risk Insurance
  • Currency Risk Insurance.

We will arrange all required insurance. Another consideration is that the overseas project will not displace or replace any American jobs.

We will consider originating financing for worthwhile projects in any Third World country so long as they meet the above conditions. At the same time, the Company looks at the project to determine whether it has applicability for the Republic of the Philippines. If so, we may look to have the applicant replicate the project in the Philippines.